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Targeting word retrieval eight workbooks on different aspects of word retrieval, each book progressi..
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TalkTools Tongue Tip Lateralization & Elevation Tools - Set of 2 - Speech Therapy Tools
The Tongue Tip Lateralization & Elevation Tool teaches tongue-tip lateralization, elevation and dep..
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Talktools Sensory Friendly Bite Blocks (Purple) - 2 Pack - Reusable & Durable - Full Instructions Included - Speech Therapy Tools
These speech therapy tools are particularly adapted to clients who like biting into a softer surface..
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TalkTools Sensory Bean Bag Kit - Set of 8 - Speech Therapy Tools - Occupational Therapy Tools
These "bean bags" are a fun and safe way to benefit clients with tactile-defensive behaviors, as wel..
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TalkTools Jaw Grading Bite Blocks (Red) - 2 Pack - Full Instructions Included - Reusable & Durable - Speech Therapy Tools
The Jaw Grading Bite Blocks are a speech therapy tool that promote symmetrical jaw strength, jaw st..
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Oral Images Now includes an additional set of exe. Now includes an additional set of exercises devel..
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Sammons Preston BIGmack Communication Aid
The BIGmack Communication Aid is a voice output communicator. It's ideal for individuals needing a l..
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Physical Therapy Aids 081504661 Sound Stories for Adults
Sound stories for adults by katie schwartz, claudia strauss, cheryl gross combines functional adult-..
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IHEL1000 - Blom-Singer Electrolarynx Digital Speech Aid
Blom-Singer Electrolarynx Digital Speech Aid Features : Manufacturer: Inhealth Tech Product weight :..
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Hartmann 72180000 Orthopedic Felt, 0.125" Thickness, 36" Length, 21" Width
Health O meter b1304202-0 professional load cell for 72180000 2101KL, 2500 & 2600. 0.12 inch thickne..
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GoTalk Communicator 20+
GoTalk Communicators New and improved, powerful, portable, easy-to-use, and highly durable communica..
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GoTalk 20+ - Model 561494
This GoTalk now has a 100-message capacity, 20 keys, (each 1" square) and five recording levels. Fiv..
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Go Talk Recorder, 9 x 12 x 1-1/8 in
GoTalk 20+ is lightweight and rugged and has a 100-message capacity (20 keys, each one-inch square, ..
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Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory (FLCI)
FLCI- Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory by Kathryn Bayles and Cheryl K. Tomoeda. FLCI is..
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FEI 12-4641 Ez Communication Board, English Word Board
EZ Communication Boards were developed to solve the growing need for solutions that will assist the ..
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